Community Involvement

Community InvolvementAll of the doctors and staff of Canyon Pet Hospital believe it is impossible for a caring and thriving veterinary practice to be divorced from the community it serves. We all live in and around Flagstaff and take great pride in the vibrancy of our people and community. Without our friends and neighbors we simply would not have achieved all that we have.

For these reasons we enjoy being a good neighbor and take every opportunity to do our part to sustain and strengthen our community. We encourage our doctors and staff to volunteer in our schools, libraries, and municipal and civic organizations. We also endeavor to put our animal care knowledge to use in serving the community.

Canyon Pet Hospital prides itself on working with local, non-profit animal organizations. These organizations provide much needed care for homeless and unwanted animals.

In all, Canyon Pet Hospital is very proud of our contributions—both in volunteer hours and financial—to our communities. We are one strand in a web of people and organizations helping to sustain and make where we live a better place.

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