Flagstaff Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Why rely on a friend or untrained pet sitter to take care of your pets while you go on vacation or travel for business? Canyon Pet Hospital can provide you and your pet with an affordable, safe and comfortable place for your cat or dog while you are away.

Our caring staff is dedicated to providing personal attention to each of our guests.

Built in 2004, our boarding facility is a service that we provide for the convenience of our clients. Our caring staff is dedicated to providing personal attention to each of our guests and works diligently to keep the facility fresh and clean at all times. We offer climate controlled kennels and cat condos with plenty of room for your dog or cat to stretch out in so that they have a comfortable home away from home. We also have large, outdoor runs that allow your pet to get fresh air while keeping him or her safe and protected.

Because cats like to have a special place all their own, our cat condos are located in a separate boarding area.

For both our dog and cat guests we carry a large number of comfortable blankets and towels, so there is no need to be concerned about bedding. However, if your pet has a favorite blanket or toy, please feel free to bring those along. We also recommend you bring your pet's regular diet from home to minimize the stress of being in a new situation. We will provide food if you prefer, which is Science Diet for Sensitive Stomach.

Medical Boarding

To further reduce pain and promote healing after surgery, an injury or to manage a range of chronic and acute conditions, Canyon Pet Hospital offers laser therapy utilizing a Companion Therapy Laser® by LiteCure. Laser therapy is an FDA cleared medical treatment that uses low-level lasers to stimulate the natural healing capabilities of the body’s cells. This form of laser therapy is effective at promoting healing on a cellular level as well as decreasing inflammation after surgery, injury or areas of the body affected by chronic illnesses such as arthritis or acute conditions such as otitis. It can also be used to increase joint mobility and relieve the aches and pains common to geriatric pets.

Some of our guests require extra attention and care. For these guests we offer Medical Boarding. Medical boarders stay in our treatment area where they are monitored 24-hours a day by one of our nurses to ensure their medical needs are being met. First time medical boarders need to have been ok'd by one of our doctor to ensure they are eligible. Please call 928.774.5197928.774.5197 for more information.

Hours of Operation, Tours, and Reservations

We are open 9am-5pm every day of the year, including holidays.

Tours are gladly given to all our current and prospective clients. If you would like to schedule a tour please call 928.774.5197928.774.5197.

We suggest that reservations for holidays be made as early as possible as we do fill up quickly. For weekends that we are fully booked we ask that you put a 50% deposit down in order to secure the reservation.

Pet Vaccinations

In order to ensure the protection of your pet and others the following vaccinations are required. For our feline guests we require FVRCP, FVLV, and rabies. For our canine guests they need to have rabies, bordetella, and DHPP. Vaccinations can be given here at Canyon Pet Hospital or we can accept vaccination records from your veterinarian.


Our trained nurses can administer medications when necessary. If your pet needs to be given medications please bring them with you when you check in. Refill requests can be made and filled during your pet's stay if necessary. Medications should remain in their original packaging. Please do not pre-arrange medications in Pill Pockets or in weekly medicationscontainers.

Personal Belongings

Canyon Pet Hospital provides clean and comfortable blankets and towels. However, we do welcome our clients to bring in any personal item of the dog or cat that you feel would make their stay more comfortable. If you do bring in personal items please label them so we can ensure they go home with the right client. Also, we ask that valuable/irreplaceable items be left at home.


We provide Science Diet-Sensitive Stomach dry food for both dogs and cats. For puppies or smaller dogs we encourage our clients to bring in small kibble for them. If your pet has a special diet or prefers a different food please feel free to bring their food from home.


Walks can be a great way for your pet to pass the time during their stay at Canyon Pet Hospital. Walks can include either a 20 minute walk or 20 minutes of individualized play time. Typically, dogs are walked off the property. If you would like not to have your dog walked off the property, please let the boarding staff know at the time of check-in and special arrangements can be made. Non-aggressive dogs from different clients are often walked together. During times of inclement weather or exceptionally high volume days, walks may not be given. In the unlikely event that a walk is not done you will not be charged.

Our Flagstaff Pet Boarding Routines

Our compassionate boarding staff takes great pride in ensuring that your pet has a comfortable stay at Canyon Pet Hospital. Our staff is dedicated to providing caring and personal attention to each of our pet guests and works diligently to keep the facility fresh and clean at all times. Each outdoor run is cleaned after every use and our indoor kennels are cleaned twice daily.

Dogs are let out twice a day for at least a half an hour in our large outdoor runs. This could be longer depending on weather and the number of other boarding guests. If your dog is to receive a walk, these typically will happen late mornings or early afternoon.

For our clients' pets we offer baths and nail trims. These services are performed the day before your pet checks out and typically in the afternoon. If you would like to pick up your pet earlier please let our front desk staff know so they can ensure that your pet receives the grooming service.

We ask that clients make reservations in order to reserve a spot in our boarding facility. We also require our guests to be up to date on their vaccinations and parasite screenings.

In all, our boarding facility offers a safe and comfortable stay for your pet while you are away from home. Please feel free to give us a call to ask a question or make a reservation at 928.774.5197928.774.5197.