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Behavior Consultation

Behavior Consultation

“How can a veterinarian help me with my pet’s behavior?”

Behavior problems are a leading cause of pet relinquishment and euthanasia. Conditions such as anxiety, compulsive disorders or aggression can be stressful on a family and result in a breakdown of the human-animal bond. These are not “training” or “obedience” problems, but rather deep emotional issues which require careful, methodical, targeted, evidence-based, humane, fear-free, positive, and non-confrontational treatments for our patients.

Veterinarians are in a unique position to diagnose and treat your pet’s behavior problem, thanks to their formal training in behavioral neuroscience, psychology, genetics, learning theory, animal welfare, and current research. Behavioral issues are complex and multifactorial, and can result from historical circumstances, environmental triggers, neurochemical imbalances, emotional stressors, medical conditions, learned associations, or conflicts over social structures. Unfortunately, many self-proclaimed animal trainers are unlicensed and unregulated, lack adequate credentials, and continue to spread biased myths and methodologies about animal behavior that have long been debunked. Behavioral problems are often are not easily solvable and require a broad knowledge of factors associated with both animals and humans. Seeking competent, qualified, professional guidance can help you achieve the best possible learning outcomes for everyone involved.

Though dogs and cats are our most frequent visitors, we will also see birds, reptiles, exotic mammals, and permitted wildlife. We can assist in the development of behavior modification techniques, environmental enrichment, management strategies, hands-on exercises, and specialized systems to improve the behavior and well-being of any animal in your care. We are committed to helping you understand your pet’s behavior and achieve realistic goals which provide safety, harmony and comfort for everyone in the home. We can also provide home-visits for an additional fee.